These kits are in stock. They can be purchased when we install the kits. If using a Mini EX with a Railsounds Kit, you will need the Serial Buffer for the sounds to operate.

Mini Commander EX
Mini Commander EX
Item# Miniex

Product Description

The Mini Commander EX has a full complement of outputs for supporting dummy engine applications. Outputs feature support for directional lighting, coil couplers, ditch lights, and a re-configurable output for strobe, smoke, or cab lighting. Additionally, serial signals are output for sound systems. Soft Set Technologytm The Mini Commander has exclusive “Soft Set Technology”; which allows you to change the unit ID (1 to 99) without installing a program/run switch!

Multiple Command Set Responds to ENG and TR commands. Full train support for lash-ups, Forward Unit, Middle Unit, and End Unit assignment logic. Lighting and coupler behavior based on assignment of unit. Two outputs for LED ditch lighting (18ma maximum) and flash alternately on HORN activation. Outputs sound system control signals, appropriately masking Non-Head Unit sound signals as required.

Built in Antenna The built in antenna will suffice for many applications. A connector is provided for an extension antenna when the signal exposure to the built in antenna is not sufficient.

Small Size The footprint is only 1” x 2” in size. This permits installation into many operating environments.