We are a Factory Trained Lionel Authorized Service Station and MTH Service Center.

Lionel and MTH Train Repairs
Lionel and MTH Train Repairs.

Pre War, Post War and Modern Era trains are repaired in our facility in Barnegat, New Jersey. No repairs are sent out. All repairs are performed in our shop by a Factory Trained Lionel or MTH Technician. You will receive an estimate before the repair is started. We also repair American Flyer and most brands of electric trains.

We perform restorations on trains. All parts are removed. We then strip and clean all parts. Each part is painted with 1 coat of primer and a minimum of 2 coats of top coat. We try to use original parts when they are available. Everything is reassembled to factory specifications and then test run.

Command Control with Railsounds 4.0 can now be installed in your Post War or Modern Era train. You can now run those Post War trains with your Cab-1 or Cab-2 Legacy control system. Slower low speeds and new modern sounds can be had with these great products from The Electric Railroad Company. Many of your Post War and Early Modern Era Accessories can be controlled with your remote control.

Do you have an American Flyer train that has a worn out chassis? We can machine the chassis and install axle bushings where there originally was no bushing. Have your engine run like it did when it came out of the factory.

Call us at 609-693-2552 or e-mail us at info@allaboardtrains1.com to discuss your train needs.