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Mini Commander ACC
Mini Commander ACC
Item# Miniacc

Product Description

Configurable Outputs The Mini Commander ACC is the only command control receiver that has configurable voltage and pulse durations for controlling your accessories. All selection of the voltage and pulse settings are accomplished from the CAB-1tm controller during the configuration phase. Soft Set Technologytm The Mini Commander has exclusive “Soft Set Technology”; which allows you to change the unit ID (1 to 99) and the voltage/pulse settings without installing a program/run switch!

Multiple Command Set Responds to ENG and ACC commands. When ENG is selected, uni-directional or bi-directional can motors are supported.

Built in Antenna The built in antenna will suffice for many applications. A connector is provided for an extension antenna when the signal exposure to the built in antenna is not sufficient.

Small Size The footprint is only 1” x 2” in size. This permits installation into many operating cars. No more operating tracks needed! When the Mini Commander is installed in the operating car and trackside accessory, they become instantly movable to anywhere on your layout. Simply pick up power from the constant track power and use the accessory.

Four Outputs For maximum flexibility, 2 high current (2.0A pulsed - 0.8A continuous) outputs and 2 low current (0.8A pulsed - 0.4A continuous) outputs are provided.

Multiple Output Functions The outputs are capable of pulse, toggle, and strobe functionality. The high current outputs are the most flexible allowing the voltage to be set (2-18v), the output mode (pulse or steady), and while in pulse mode the length of the pulse can be set (0.25 to 2.0 sec). The low current outputs work as on / off outputs at a constant 9v. One low current output is capable of strobe functionality.

Typical Applications:

Saw Mills

Log Loaders


Icing Station

Forklift Platform

Culvert Loader & Un-Loader

Log Dump cars

Coal Dump cars

Aquarium cars

Cop and Hobo cars

Cabooses (smoke, lights, and strobe!)

Accessory and Signal Bridge Lighting