Lionel ZW-275 Transformer. Reconditioned. Serviced with new parts. This is a pick up item only. We do not ship transformers.

Lionel ZW-275 Transformer
Lionel ZW-275 Transformer
Item# ZW275
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Product Description

Lionel ZW-275 Transformer.

This is a Lionel ZW-275 Watt Transformer. This item has a new power cord, 2 electronic diodes for the whistle control, 2 bulbs, 4 rollers and rivets. It has been serviced and tested by our service department. Each control handle has 20 volts at each terminal. Recommended for use with Prewar and Postwar trains. Can be used with newer trains but should only be used with a fast acting circuit breaker for each train. The circuit breaker inside the transformer is designed to protect the transformer not the train. We have fast acting circuit breakers if you need them. Includes a new reproduction box with inserts and directions. Call or email for more pictures or if you have a question about this item.