Lionel Corvette Set 6-11984 GP7 Sealed Set New (1)

Lionel Corvette Set 6-11984
Lionel Corvette Set 6-11984
Item# 11984

Product Description

Lionel Corvette Set 6-11984 GP7.

This is a new sealed set. Still in the plastic wrapping.

The Lionel #11984 Corvette GP-7 Diesel Train Set includes: a GP-7 Diesel Locomotive, Two 9823 Standard O Flatcars with Die Cast Road Champs Mint Corvettes from 1953, 1955, 1997 and 1998 and a 6417 Porthole Caboose.

The GP-7 Diesel Locomotive has the following features: a Durable pullmor motor, It is useable with most AC transformers, Die cast fuel tank and pilots, Digital trainmaster command feature with an available upgrade, a Strobe light, Digital electromotive signalsounds (can be upgraded to full railsounds) and Traction enhancing magne-traction.

The Corvette Rolling Stock has the following features: Die cast sprung trucks and operating couplers, Sturdy metal chassis wheels, axles and brake wheel (Caboose), Detailed molded bodies, the Corvette logo is on the deck of the Flatcars and the Caboose has interior illumination.

Set Length: 33"

Minimum Radius: O31