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AFX SRT Cart 9440 Shell HO Race Car
AFX SRT Cart 9440 Shell HO Race Car
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AFX SRT Cart 9440 Shell HO Race Car. Sealed Package.

In 1885, Baron Carl Auer von Welsbach discovered Neodymium, the strongest permanent magnets known. A short time later, in the late1990’s, AFX became the first HO brand to develop a full production slot car that used Neodymium magnets for ground effects.

To make use of this amazing magnet our engineers designed an evolution of the AFX Racing Turbo chassis and presto change-o, the Super Racing Turbo or “SRT” was born.

The SRT Chassis performs like no other. It is super fast and durable and is easy to maintain and tune up. In particular the SRT is very fast on small, tight tracks where it has been known to beat the Super G+. Here are some of the reasons why:

Pick-Up Shoes: High conductivity Phosphor Bronze – Gets more power to the motor. Guide Pin: Exclusive extra long tapered design (only AFX has it!) – Keeps the car in the slot longer. Ground Effects Magnets: Neodymium rare earth magnets – Holds the track like nothing else. Nylatron Chassis: Super durable with just enough flex to keep from breaking on those big impacts. Precision Balanced Armature: Revs to the moon – reliably! Cantilever Commutator Motor Brushes (only AFX has it!): Makes the motor more responsive and delivers consistent performance.