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AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack
AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack
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AFX 8822 Tri-Power Pack.

Take Control of Your Race.

Take control of your race with the AFX exclusive Tri-Power Pack.

Finally! Children can race their parents, friends at different skill levels can all race together and still have a great time. New drivers can start at beginner and work their way up to Expert without the frustration of constantly crashing. Simply set the level with the flip of a switch and race!

Set the maximum speed for your skill level, depending on track layout:

Beginner: Cars stay on track about 90% of the turns at full throttle. Intermediate: Cars stay on track about 60% of the turns at full throttle. Expert: You’re on your own!

Power surges are virtually eliminated from one car to the next during a crash because the Tri-Power Pack features three times more amperage than any other set-based power pack.