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AFX 70306 Stocker Black #14 Mega-G Slot Car
AFX 70306 Stocker Black #14 Mega-G Slot Car
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AFX 70306 Stocker Black #14 Mega-G Slot Car.


Correctly Proportioned Stock Car Body Much more realistic Stunning Detail Right down to the window netting, rear wing and aerodynamic roof details. Up to 8-color graphics No one else even comes close. Fastest production chassis ever made Smokes the competition. Mega-G CHASSIS.

This is a completely new chassis that sets a new standard for performance. It is not just faster, it corners better and is more fun to drive. Check out this laundry list of firsts:

Weight: Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis Way more fun to drive Size: Lowest and narrowest chassis ever made Much more realistic bodies. Center of gravity: Lowest of all competitors Corners better than any other chassis. Wheelbase: Longest available Better proportioned bodies. Guide Pin: Exclusive extra long tapered guide pin (Only AFX has it!) Car stays in the slot longer. Unique Monocoque Chassis: Lighter, stronger, out-handles the competition. Ground Effects Magnets: Level 30 Neodymium Stays glued to the track. Pick-Up Shoes: High conductivity phosphor bronze Gets more power to the motor. Chassis Material: Nylatron Super strong and tough. Motor Armature: Precision Balanced Revs to the moon, reliably. Motor Magnets: Polymer (Only AFX has it!) Up to 20% more powerful than larger ceramic magnets.