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6-49805 23780 Gabe The Lamplighter
6-49805 23780 Gabe The Lamplighter
Item# 49805
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Never has one character endeared himself to so many by simply doing his job. "Who is this character?" you ask. Why, none other than Gabe the Lamplighter, that's who. He dutifully climbs the floodlight tower, step by step, until he reaches the top where he performs the task of his given name. Lights ablaze, he climbs back down and waits for your command to turn them back off again. There are others who claim to know Gabe, but they really only know a friend or acquaintance of him. More like a "Jim" or a "Bob" perhaps. No, the real Gabe is right here. Made with tools used in 1958, you can be sure that Gabe is still Gabe, not some Tom, Dick or Harry imposter. Bring this true American Flyer accessory to your layout, and enjoy Gabe just like you used to. Stamped metal tower and platform, Detailed molded base, Operating floodlights turn on and off as Gabe approaches, Gabe figure climbs up tower step by step and slides back down, Remote control No. 23780 American Flyer Gabe the Lamplighter - 6/01 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Gauge: American Flyer/S Gauge

Brand: Lionel Dimensions: Height: 11 1/2"