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Lionel RW Transformer
Lionel RW Transformer
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Lionel RW Transformer.

This is a Lionel RW Postwar Transformer. Manufactured from 1948-1954. It is used. It has a new power cord and rectifier disc for the horn/whistle. 110 Watts of power and will run a single train. There are 2 variable wire connections for 9-19 Volts or 6-15 Volts AC. There are 4 voltage taps for accessories, 9,10,15 or 19 Volts AC. It has a whistle and directional buttons. It has scratches on the case and missing some paint. It has been disassembled, cleaned and serviced in our service department. Comes with the original box, the box inserts are missing. It is recommended to be used with a Postwar train. Please email for more pictures or questions.