6-16861 Water Tower

6-16861 Water Tower
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An essential structure on any rail line in the steam era, railroad water tanks provided thirsty engines a place to stop and refill tenders with water. These tanks were dispersed at regular intervals all along rail line routes so that locomotives were never more than a handful of miles away from a fresh supply of precious water. Recognizable by a massive circular tub shape on top and a substructure of posts and Frostbox below, water tanks are also easily identified by a counterweighted drop-down spout which funneled water into locomotive tenders.

The new scale water tower by Lionel accurately depicts a 50,000 gallon version of this essential railside structure. Realistically detailed and scale in size, it is the perfect accessory to enhance any layout running scale-size steam locomotives. This new water tank features a variety of separately applied details including a metal spout, ladders, and pulley chains. Additionally, the discharge water spout can be lowered manually as your train parks for a water stop. Use the pull-down rope to lower the spout, and release the rope to allow the spout to raise back up automatically on the operating pulley system. 1:48th scale Die-cast metal discharge spout Metal pulley chains Metal ladders, realistic tank hoop support rings, and other separately applied details Operating pulley system to lower and raise spout manually Simulated concrete piers Separately applied realistic tank hoop support rings Opening door on vertical frostbox 50,000 Gallon Scale Water Tank. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Gauge: Standard O Scale

Brand: Lionel Dimensions: Approx. 12 Height x 7 Diameter