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6-38305 Conventional Classic Milwaukee Road GP7 Diesel #2338
6-38305 Conventional Classic Milwaukee Road GP7 Diesel #2338
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Lionel's Striking #2338... Famous Diesel of the Milwaukee Road! This locomotive is equipped with the same great features as the Burlington GP-7 in the passenger set.

FEATURES: Pullmor motor Horn and bell with volume control MAGNE-TRACTION Traction tires Die-cast metal trucks with operating couplers at both ends Equipped with an electronic e-unit with Direction Lock Dual operating headlights Classification and running lights all illuminated at both ends! Sand box covers at both ends of the roof Fans and fan motors for the engine stacks Replica of the exhaust stack used in the real GP-7 for heating cab and passenger cars Locomotive trucks show careful detail Hyatt roller bearing journal box covers, individual brake cylinders and rigging for each wheel No. 2338 GP-7 Locomotive PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Rail Line: Milwaukee Road Road Number: 2338 Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Brand: Lionel Min Curve: O-27