50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System

50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System
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Product Description

MTH 50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System. The DCS WiFi Remote Control System allows you to leave track voltage constant and control multiple Proto-Sound 2.0-equipped and later engines individually using any Android or iOS smart phone or tablet.

The package includes a TIU Track Interface Unit and a WIU WiFi Interface Unit that connect together to allow your smart device to control locomotives, accessories, tracks and switches using the M.T.H. DCS App.

In-app purchases allow the user to update the app and further expand DCS functionality for control over TMCC and Legacy equipped locmotives, conventional AC powered locomotives, record/playback, lashup creation and control, accessory and switch control and much, much more.

LOCOMOTIVE FUNCTIONS: Labor/Drift, Boost/Brake, Coupler Operation, Smoke On/Off, Smoking Whistle, Volume Increase, Engine Start Up, Engine Mute, Volume Decrease, Engine Shut Down, Headlight On/Off, Proto-Cast On/Off, Passenger/Freight Announcements, Doppler On/Off, Bell, Horn, Engine/Accent Volume, Proto-Whistle, Chuff Rate, Proto-Chuff, Cab Chatter, Brakes, Clickety-Clack, Custom Sounds, Auto Coupler, Doppler Loop, Smoke Output Control, Ditch Light Control, Maximum Engine Speed, Acceleration Rate, Deceleration Rate, Direction Control, Labored Smoke, Brake Boost.

OPERATION FEATURES: Emergency Stop, SoftKey Operation, Remote Control Backlight, Remote Control Microphone, Lashup creation, Route Creation, Scene Creation, Session Record/Playback, Resetting Engine Features, Reading Engine Information, 50 or 60Hz AC Input, Operate TMCC Engines, Edit TMCC Engine Address, Operate Conventional Engines, Switch And Accessory Operation.