50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System

50-1036 DCS WiFi Remote Control System
Item# 501036

Product Description

The DCS WiFi Remote Control System allows you to leave track voltage constant and control multiple Proto-Sound 2.0-equipped and later engines individually using any Android or iOS smart phone or tablet.

The package includes a TIU Track Interface Unit and a WIU WiFi Interface Unit that connect together to allow your smart device to control locomotives, accessories, tracks and switches using the M.T.H. DCS App.

In-app purchases allow the user to update the app and further expand DCS functionality for control over TMCC and Legacy equipped locmotives, conventional AC powered locomotives, record/playback, lashup creation and control, accessory and switch control and much, much more.

LOCOMOTIVE FUNCTIONS: •Labor/Drift •Boost/Brake •Coupler Operation •Smoke On/Off •Smoking Whistle •Volume Increase •Engine Start Up •Engine Mute •Volume Decrease •Engine Shut Down •Headlight On/Off •Proto-Cast On/Off •Passenger/Freight Announcements •Doppler On/Off •Bell, Horn, Engine/Accent Volume •Proto-Whistle •Chuff Rate •Proto-Chuff •Cab Chatter •Brakes •Clickty Clack •Custom Sounds •Auto Coupler •Doppler Loop •Smoke Output Control •Ditch Light Control •Maximum Engine Speed •Acceleration Rate •Deceleration Rate •Direction Control •Labored Smoke •Brake Boost

OPERATION FEATURES: •Emergency Stop •SoftKey Operation •Remote Control Backlight •Remote Control Microphone •Lashup creation •Route Creation •Scene Creation •Session Record/Playback •Resetting Engine Features •Reading Engine Information •50 or 60Hz AC Input •Operate TMCC Engines •Edit TMCC Engine Address •Operate Conventional Engines •Switch And Accessory Operation